GoGo Answers the Call for HGTV’s Brother vs Brother

GoGo Design Group recently had another extremely fun adventure at the HGTV Brother vs. Brother Chicago Casting Call!   Showing up at the Chicago Westin Hotel on Michigan Avenue with application and photos in tow, I was able to snag three or so minutes with a Chicago casting agent and introduce myself to the HGTV world.  Much to my delight, I got a call back three hours later for a camera interview, and scheduled it for the next day.

Back at the Westin I had the incredible opportunity to sit in front of the rolling camera and speak all about the GoGo Philosophy.   The two women who interviewed me were so warm, friendly and fun to share my life with, both the personal and professional sides.   What a tremendous experience to fully express my transformation and reinvention journey, as well as my approach to what it takes to be the ultimate TV Designer.

Stay tuned for an update on the next leg of my HGTV journey.  You never know – those red gogo boots may be strutting their stuff across your television screens soon!

HGTV Brother vs Brother

One response to “GoGo Answers the Call for HGTV’s Brother vs Brother

  1. I’m so excited to read this. You know how much I love HGTV and especially the Brothers, projects. You are truly remarkable! Love, Mom

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