Skokie Review Article About Me and GoGo Design Group

One Honored Interior Designer!

I am so excited about this article that Jackie Pilossoph chose to write about me and GoGo Design Group.  Jackie has a great talent for picking up on the details of topics, people and scenarios that she writes about.  This article was published in the Skokie Review.

SKOKIE — As a child, Rebecca Pogonitz was always learning about art. Her mother was a passionate art historian, and the family frequented museums and art fairs.

Rebecca Pogonitz, The Color Queen of Interior Design

Image included in Skokie Review article

“We didn’t go to water parks, we went to museums,” said Pogonitz, “My mother was constantly exposing me to color and composition and texture, and she loved art so much, she talked about it all the time.”

Pogonitz said her mother passed a love of aesthetic detail and color onto her, and that’s what spawned her career in interior design, and her Skokie based company, Gogo Design Group.

Working with both residential and corporate clients, Pogonitz remodels and redecorates spaces on the North Shore and in the city. Jobs range from new construction and gutted kitchens and baths, to rearranging and repurposing rooms, and choosing paint colors.

Read the whole article here:   Interior Designer Known As Color Queen

Jackie Pilossoph is the author of three novels, FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE, JACKPOT! and HOOK, LINE AND SINK HIM. She is also a freelance newspaper reporter for several publications and a weekly columnist for the Pioneer Press. Jackie holds a Masters Degree in Journalism from Boston University and has held positions in the television news and advertising industries. She is currently working on her fourth novel.

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