Freshen Your Bathroom Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

Quick and Easy Fixes for Refreshing your Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom can be costly and inconvenient.  If you are not in a position to embark on such a project, then there are some quick fixes at different ranges of costs that will create faster gratification.  The question of updating a bathroom without incurring massive cost comes up a lot.  The bathroom is where we spend a good chunk of time, and whether you are renting or own, why shouldn’t you feel good about spending time in it. Here are some common questions and solutions for rejuvenating your bathroom:

  • Should I replace the vanity?  Not necessarily.  I would first go buy some cool knobs that reflect your personality and change them out on the cabinet doors and drawers.  At $3.00-$5.00 a pop, why not try this first?
  • Should I replace the light fixture?  I would do this before replacing the vanity.  Again, a light fixture above the mirror that reflects your style makes a big statement, and becomes a focal point and takes the attention away from the worn or out of style vanity.  It’s easy to find inexpensive lighting these days.
  • Should I paint?  Absolutely.   If you nail down a color that blends and/or coordinates with the tile, all of a sudden that old tile makes sense in the room.

Bathroom rugsAnother suggestion is to spread some cool inexpensive accessories around the room. Hang some art on the walls, and purchase a small rug and place in front of the vanity.  If your mirror is beat up, replace it with a decorative mirror that has some style to it. These touches warm up the space and again take the attention away from the deficiencies of the room.

Bathroom accessories

I would try these suggestions to help you feel better about spending time in your bathroom.  They are good interim solutions until you are ready to dive in and gut and redesign!  Contact GoGo Design Group if you are ready for the “big overhaul”!

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