Do You Really Want To Hire An Interior Designer?

Selecting the right paint colorWhen embarking on an interior design project, people tend to look at hiring an interior designer as a luxury that they can’t afford.  After all, the idea of working with a designer can represent extra cost, extra time, and an extra headache.  The irony of this is that when I do get a call from someone who needs help, they often present their project from an overwhelming point of view.  They describe months of thought and running in circles from store to store, they have hit a wall, and they just want to wrap up their project and move on to the next one in their life.  The joy and fun of the whole process eludes them and they are frustrated and exhausted from not knowing what to accomplish first.  In addition, they feel they are making the wrong decisions and are not spending their money wisely.

The truth is, when you don’t consider hiring an interior designer, you are doing yourself a huge disservice.  A good designer can select the perfect paint color in a fraction of the time than it would take you to go the paint shop, get  10 or so samples, brush two coats on the wall, and contemplate for a month or so which color to go with.  A good designer can help you select and design a knock-out kitchen or bath in just a few hours, as opposed to you spending a number of consecutive weekends aimlessly tile/color/plumbing fixture shopping.   Finally, a good designer listens and HEARS what you want to accomplish, so that you can get the job done not just painlessly, but with a few laughs in between!

I love the whole design process!  I love the challenge of the hunt for the perfect things that reflect who my clients are and how they want to live.  I want my clients to love the process too, and I know I can inspire them to push through their project with the same passion and energy that I bring to my work.

So go ahead – contact GoGo Design Group now!  It would be our pleasure to get you excited and energetic about your next  design project.

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